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My wife, 3 year old, 7 year old and I arrived about 10.30am and left at 4.30pm! We did the bike track first, then the mini maze. Stopped for a snack. Picked corn and dug spuds. Did the big maze, which allowed my oldest girl to learn to read the map and guide us (as well as reading and learning from the questions& answers signposts). Then, a late lunch, play on the bales, another bike ride, blackberry picking and an ice cream to finish. We had a fantastic relaxing day together as a family – no iPads even mentioned!
13 March, 2018

Thanks to all at Rupertswood Farm , 7 members of our family had a fantastic day yesterday, the teenagers found all the markers, hubby and I with miss 4 and master 7 found all markers in the mini maze but didn’t quite make it (not even close) in the Main maze. But we all sure enjoyed the yummy ice cream thanks Hazelbrae. Looking forward to making my giant pumpkin into soup tomorrow. We will see you again next year.   
12 March, 2018

Our family had a wonderful morning exploring the crop maze on the weekend. We had a great time getting lost and trying to decipher the puzzle. The whole time we were there, the sound of laughter and squeals of delight filled the air. A well organised set up.
27 February, 2017

Such a great day, a true family outing!!! A great set up and the lamb rolls were THE BEST!!! My recommendation to anyone going would be to wear comfy, sturdy footwear, take a hat and LOTS of water!! Was really hot when we were there but it was still extremely fun!! A safe way to “lose” the kids for 3-4 hours!!
14 March, 2017

Great day out for the whole family, exploring the crop maze. Loved the hay bale activities and the fresh Lamb food options were delicious
14 March, 2017

Such an awesome day! Well worth the two hours walking around in circles. Highly recommend it!
13 March, 2017

We went to the maze today. We had so much fun and both the little maze and the big maze were fantastic. Thank you for making and opening up such a wonderful family activity to the public. I look forward to bringing some more family members with me to show them next year.
26 March, 2016

A great place to spend quality time with the family. Everyone, young and old, had an enjoyable day.
14 March, 2016

Had so much fun here. It’s great for the whole family. Will definitely come back again.
25 March, 2016

Highlight of our trip to Tasmania!! Anna and Rohan and the kids are so hospitable. We took some time out from the interstate soccer tournament and eight 11 year old boys had a blast both in the maze and on the hay bales. Thanks guys – can’t wait to see next years design!!
12 March, 2015

Excellent! Well worth experiencing “in real life”!
9 March, 2015